Quick start with advanced wireless transmission

Signal covers 50M indoor or 100M outdoor with high frequency wireless transmission
Optional external booster gives more distance than regular range

Simple steps 1-2-3

  • STEP 1 Customer presses the service bell on the table

  • STEP 2 The corresponding light on the receiver is ON

  • STEP 3 Waiter provides the service promptly

Display all tables status

No any service request will be missed

Various buttons flexible choices

Single function button AB100 for service request
Multi-function button AB402/AB400 for service, checkout, water demand

Optional acrylic holder for leaf stand or button fix
Powerde by 23A 12V battery

Label for table number and room name

Each service bell and receiver can be affixed with
the label of table number and room name

Clear light clear request

Tri-color light is defined with different request (AB400 only)
All the needs will be seen, will be served

Light flash frequency indicates customers waiting time

Easy to provide service in order

Sound alert

  • Four sound effects

  • Volume adjustable

  • Ring frequency selection

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